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Vietnam Tips & Tricks

Ever plan on visiting the wonderfully diverse country of Vietnam? A good reason for backpacking Vietnam is because there are just so many things to do in Vietnam and can be done on a budget. You can enjoy their amazing local food, one of our personal favorite cuisines in Southeast Asia. There is also so much to admire in Vietnam’s busy streets. It’s so easy and enjoyable to just explore, indulge and relax throughout the country.

In this article, I am giving you the ultimate Backpacking Vietnam travel guide. I will tell your about our favorite Vietnam attractions and when the best time to visit Vietnam is. This blog post contains a full, comprehensive Vietnam itinerary. We talk about what to eat in Vietnam and where to stay in Vietnam. If possible, I do recommend that you stay and explore the country for an entire month. After all, everything is very affordable, from food to accommodation to transportation, and there are just so many nice cities to go around! Vietnam is quite vast and it takes time if you want to cross the country by bus, by hitchhiking, by train or even by buying your own motorbike for the complete backpacking Vietnam experience!

Vietnam was previously colonized by the French and along with that, they brought in some of their influences which the Vietnamese people have adapted and modernized throughout the years. The French laid the foundations of more Western aspects such as education and religion, like introducing Christianity to the country. There are many historical churches found in Vietnam which have a lot of the Western influence that you’ll notice, such as the Sa Pa Stone Church, the Phu Nhai Church in the Nam Dinh Province, the Phat Diem Cathedral in the Ninh Binh Province, the Hanoi Cathedral, and the Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral.



When visiting Vietnam, you shouldn’t forget to apply for your E-Visa online. No worries, it is very easy to apply and get one, and it costs 25 USD. Fill out the form online, wait for an approval letter via email, and just present the necessary requirements as well as your passport. Check out this link  to see if your country is one of the few that have 15 days of visa-free travel to Vietnam, like Spain and the UK. 15 days is definitely enough time for first timers who are backpacking Vietnam. For those planning to stay longer, make sure that your visa is all sorted out before traveling.


Going to Vietnam is mostly trouble-free but of course, as with any other destination, you should always take precautions, be vigilant and take care of your belongings. The traffic is crazy in Vietnam. You have to be careful whenever you cross the street, especially in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh where there are motorbikes everywhere. Always be aware of your surroundings when walking around the big cities of Vietnam. Remember to look both ways to make sure it’s safe to go ahead. We cannot emphasize enough how keeping yourself focused when there’s traffic and motorcycles on the street should be the #1 precaution you take when backpacking Vietnam.


Vietnam’s currency is  the Vietnam Dong (VND). The exchange rate tends to be lower at the airport, so we recommend that you only exchange enough money to get you settled in Vietnam and exchange the rest some place with higher rates. As far as we know, the exchange rate is 1 USD to 23,000 Vietnamese Dong. Just click here to know the current exchange rate between Vietnam and your country. Finally, credit cards are mostly accepted, but you will find that some places might only accept cash.


If you are planning to visit Vietnam from North to South, the best time of the year to visit is generally from September to December (Autumn) and March to April (Spring). These seasons are the sunniest in Vietnam.

For North Vietnam, October to May will give you dry weather in the majority of these months. It can be quite cold up in the mountains. March onwards tends to be a little more rainy.

f you wish to visit Central Vietnam, February to July is the best time of year to avoid the rain. On the other hand, temperatures from June to August will be he hottest.

Those traveling Southern Vietnam should take note that December to April is the region’s dry season. Temperatures can even reach up to 40 degrees come March or April.

Make sure to plan your trip well based on these weather advisories to make the most out of your trip!



If you need to get Wi-Fi in Vietnam to do some work or to contact your family and friends, the task will be quite an easy one.There are only a few places in the country like Halong Bay and Sa Pa where it will be hard to get proper connection. But most of the cities and the accommodations in them will have high speed internet connection. Even sleeper or overnight buses have Wi-Fi connections that are strong enough for work and communication.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho wifi in vietnam


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