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How to Check The Flights of Your Family or Friends in the Sky – With 2 Steps

Flightradar24 is a well-known service founded by two Swedish aviators which helps Internet users to directly watch flights across the globe in the real time. Nowadays, Flight Tracker 24 is the best and the most significant flight tracker which monitors flights around the world and provide correct and actual information about them. This international flight tracker is using more than 10 thousand airlines and about 12 million people. 

I’m pretty sure many of us don’t know about it. Keep reading cause I’m going to give you two super simple steps to check the flights of your family or friends in the sky and it’s totally FREE. 

Step 1: Searching for your desired flights 

 In order to find your desired flights, navigate to the top of the main page of where you can drop the information such as type of airport, name of cities or flight numbers…etc. Or you can zoom in the desired area. However, there would be a lot of airplane icons flying around in the sky and you can view flight information by click on each. In addition, you can keep tracking the flights in real time by tracking button at the bottom left corner. 

You can also zoom in and out at the desired area by using + and – buttons at the right-hand side or roll the mouse up and down. There will be many airplane icons flying in the sky and you can choose to view flight information. 

Step 2: Keep tracking flight after following it 

After 30 minutes, the system will stop and notify that you will need to wait for 30 minutes or have to pay for keeping the process (about $ 1/month). Now, a small trick for keep tracking is to switch to another browser. However, it’s not recommended because you need to do the whole stuff again.  

Cheer, safe travel


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