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Marina Bay Sands Light Show – Must See in Singapore

In Singapore, there are many water shows, but the show at Marina Bay is best known to both domestic and foreign tourists because it has been around for a long time and completely free. For those who first come to Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands light show will be indispensable in their exploration schedule. 


Marina Bay Sands light show 

Marina Bay is a famous tourist destination. It is a good idea to explore many of the city’s attractions including the Singapore Flyer, the Marina Barrage Dam, the Merlion Park – Marine Lion Park, the theater Esplanade durian, Marina Bay Sands, etc. In particular, an interesting thing you can not miss when coming to Marina Bay is music and light performance called Marina Bay Sands light show or the Wonder Full show. 

What is Marina Bay Sands light show? 

Singapore’s most famous light and water show, namely Wonder Full, is a nightly performance at the Marina Bay Sands (Singapore) casino resort. There, when the fountain works, the colorful light will appear, creating a sparkling and fanciful scenery as in fairy tales. 

What is special about Marina Bay Sands light show? 

People often come to Singapore to contemplate the beauty of Marina Bay Sands light show; however, not all of them know about the unique characteristics of the Wonder Full. This one-of-a-kind show was designed and created by a global team that consisted of over 100 skilled specialists in different areas of architectural, musical, designed, creative, engineering, technical and IT resources. 

Especially, there is a modern machine that controls the magic of Wonder Full via 20 media servers. 18 individually fountains work with independent tilt mechanisms that can produce squirt reaching up to 20 meters height. A high powered multicolored custom LED technology will illuminate these fountains. 

Visitors will love how the water reflects the colorful lights. The dancing lights in the water, along with the awesome city skyline and the beauty of Marina Bay, is so amazing. Furthermore, tourists can listen to the music around the whole bay area. 

If from the city, heading for the hotel, you will find not only the fountain but also a series of laser lights that illuminate both the Marina Bay Sands and the Artscience Museum. It is easy to see that the most advanced technologies in sound and lighting have been performed in Singapore. 

Another extraordinary feature of the Marina Bay Sands light show is that it can be viewed on both sides. If you are standing in front of the hotel, heading for the city, you can listen to music and see or take pictures of the fountain. 

Time to watch Marina Bay Sands light show 

The light show takes place at 20 p.m and 21 p.m everyday. On weekends, there is often a performance at 23 p.m. 

One thing to note is tha in Singapore, at about 19:30 p.m, the sunset is still not over. You can take time, go to Marina Bay early to visit Merlion – the famous Singaporean icon, Esplanade Theaters, Giant Flyer, or Marina Bay Sands luxury hotel. You can have a walk, and then find an ideal seat to watch the Wonder Full. However, do not be subjective and come too late. There are many places to sit, but if you come to the Marina Bay Sands light show on time, you will have to stand. 

Where is the ideal place to watch Marina Water Bay Sands light show? 

There are two places where you can contemplate the Marina Bay Sands light show. The advantages and defects of these two positions will be written below. 

View in front of Marina Bay Sands 

This is a place that many visitors choose. More precisely, you will be watching the show before The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. 

When choosing this location, you should arrive 15 minutes before the show time to have a good seat. People often sit down on wooden floors or wooden steps just in front of Marina Bay. The central position will allow you to admire the panoramic Marina Bay Sands light show as well as have a better view. Keep away from the place having light bulbs on the floor because people often go through this place. At the same time, the light from these bulbs will reduce the shimmer of the show and make it difficult for you to take beautiful pictures. The dark location without light is the most ideal. 

When you are there, the advantage is that you can see the images projected by colorful lights on the “water screen” right in front of you. Also, you will be able to listen to music or throughout the Wonder Full show. Lucid music can make the Marina Bay Sands light show much more romantic and wonderful. 

The only drawback of watching the show at the front of the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is that you can not see the panoramic view of the Marina Bay Sands lighting system and the sparkling background of the show. 

View on the other side of Marina Bay 

Also, you can choose different places around the Merlion – the symbol of Singapore, for example, to watch the Marina Bay Sands light show. This location is highly appreciated as many tourists rated as the best place to take beautiful pictures. 

Traveling around Marina Bay, almost everything can become a nice viewing corner for the Wonder Music show. The only downside is that you have to see the Marina Bay Sands light show from far away; therefore, you will not be able to listen to music and view colorful lights on the water squirt. 

Marina Bay Sand light show is held free nightly. So, when you come to Singapore, do not overlook the opportunity to admire this outstanding performance. Instead of spending a lot of money to go to expensive theaters and entertainment centers, visitors can witness spectacular, breathtaking light in the heart of the city without spending any fee. It is worth watching if you are around the Marina Bay area. Beautiful pictures, memorable impressions of the Marina Bay Sands light show will bring back precious memories of life for you. 

Cheer, Safe Travel

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