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Good prices hotels with stunning view in Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa, “The town of the mist”, is becoming more and more popular with travelers around the world, that also mean that the number of hotels, guesthouses, and home stay programs will grow like mushroom after the rain. Thus it will be easier to look for an accommodation but harder to find a quality one. These are some cheap and quality hotel that you can consider:

1. Fansipan view hotel

If you are looking for a cheap, cozy hotel with traditional design, Fansipan view hotel (Xuan Vien street, Sapa town, Lao Cai province, Vietnam)  might be just what you looking for.

Despite being a traditionally designed hotel, its interior is modern and can satisfy all your need. Its restaurant can serve up to 80 people for 24 hours a day.

The hotel also often hold their own tour, you only need to pay a visit to the front desk for a memorial Sapa trip.

For a night at Fansipan View hotel, guests will have to pay from 23 to 40 USD depend on the room class they want.

2. Chau Long Sapa 1 hotel

Chau Long Sapa 1 Hotel is proud to be the only hotel to have all its 65 rooms facing Muong Hoa valley and Fansipan mountain range. On the outside, the hotel looks like an old castle but its interior is very convenient. The hotel has all the services that you might need: free wifi, cable TV, mini bar, pool, private safe,…

The hotel restaurant even has a special menu for diet people.

3. Muong Thanh Sapa hotel

Muong Thanh Sapa Hotel is one of the biggest hotels in the town. The hotel offers a great view of Ham Rong Moutain and Sapa lake. This hotel is more luxurious than most other hotels in the area, it has tennis court, hot tub, spa,…

The price here is slightly higher than other hotels but still acceptable for all the comfort it brings. It’s going to cost you from 35 to 57USD for a night at Muong Thanh Sapa hotel.

4. Bamboo Sapa hotel

Bamboo Sapa hotel is one of the oldest hotels in the area. It offers you a wide range choice of room and the cost to stay here is also among the cheapest, only from 21 USD a night. The hotel has a team of local guide which can help you

Cheer, and enjoy your stay in Sapa,


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