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Top Things To Do In Bangkok For The First-Time Travelers


Thailand tourism, with friendly people, unique tropical climate, as well as the ancient culture and history, is always an ideal destination for tourists. Sitting on a tuk-tuk to watch the streets, enjoying cool coconut cream, or visiting the oldest temple in Bangkok – Wat Po… are the top things to do in Thailand you should do during your first trip in this country. 

1. Visit the Royal Palace of Thailand 

This is one of the most important historical sites of the Golden Temple country, built in 1782. Although the royal Thai people live in Dusit Palace, the government of this country is still working at the Grand Palace. The architectural complexes include the Grand Palace, the Emerald Buddha Temple, and the Halls. The Emerald Buddha Temple dating back from the 14th century is one of the most sacred temples in Thailand. 

Royal Palace Bangkok 

Located just behind the Grand Palace, Wat Po is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok and is home to the largest Buddha statue in Thailand. The most famous is the 46-meter-long Buddha lying statue. The whole statue is covered with gold leaf on the statue and jade on the eyes and feet. 

Wat Pho Lying Buddha 

2. Enjoy Coconut Cream 

Made from coconut milk, this cream is a famous snack of Thai street food 

Original Coconut Cream is placed in a small coconut shell. The cream is fragrant, white, and condensed. Around the cream is the fragrant coconut slices. Visitors can choose the topping to sprinklepeanuts, baby corn, jellies, or pumpkins. The best Thai coconut cream in Bangkok is the ice cream sold at Chatuchak weekend market

3. Visit Chatuchak Market on the weekend 

With more than 8000 booths, this is considered one of the largest markets in the world! Open only on Saturdays and Sundays, here you will find anything you want at a budget price. It is a great place to catch unforgettable moments from your trip to Thailand. 

Chatuchak Market on the weekend 

As a cheap market for Thai wholesales in the past, Chatuchak Bangkok Market is gradually becoming a large market and a popular tourist destination for all shopping lovers in Bangkok. With an area of more than one square kilometer, this market owns more than 15,000 booths with all kinds of goods: clothing, fashion accessories, shoes, souvenirs, jewelry, essential oil or even Buddha statues, feng shui stones, and amulets. 

To go to Bangkok Chatuchak, you can catch BTS to Mo Chit station, then get off port number 1 then follow the crowd to the park and Chatuchak market. Another option is to catch the MRT at Chatuchak Park, then follow the crowd to reach the clothing area. If you want to go to the flower and bonsai market, you will need to descend from Kampheng MRT Station. 

Rot Fai retail market is a place where you can freely choose the antique and modern costumes as well as enjoy a wonderful night. It opens from Thursday to Sunday, from 6 p.m until midnight. 

4. Visiting the floating markets 

Floating markets can be considered as a “specialty” of the Golden Temple country. Here are the top three floating market near Bangkok. 

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market 

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is the most famous market, which is also quite far from the center, an hour drive from Bangkok. 

Amphawa Floating Market By Night 

Amphawa Floating market is very popular among tourists. Coming here, you will see pictures of wooden houses located along the canal. At 9 a.m, the market will be bustling and crowded with many buyers – sellers. You should spend half a day exploring the interesting places. 

Khlong Lat Mayom Market 

One of three floating markets located less than 20km from Bangkok, but not as large as Damnoen Saduak or crowded as Amphawa. It brings the appeal and authenticity of the countryside. There are also many delicious and worthwhile snacks. 

5. Get out and enjoy the nightlife in Bangkok 

Bangkok nighlife 

Vertigo and Moon Bar are located on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel. Vertigo is an outdoor barbecue area while Moon Bar specializes in classic cocktails and premium beverages. 
UNCLE in Sathorn is a cozy bar with a great cocktail list. Artisanal rum and tequila are available on request and if you are hungry, you can try the premium steak here. These suggested places are the best way to feel the nightlife in Bangkok. 

6. See Muay Thai performance 

Muay Thai performance 

Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport, regularly broadcast live on TV and attract a large number of tourists. Held three times a week, the largest stadium is Lumpini in Bangkok. You can buy the ticket at the gate or on a tour. 

7. Relax with Thai Massage 

Thai Massage 

Wat Po is said to be the birthplace of traditional Thai massage and it has a school on the campus. You will be kneaded by the experts or students here at extremely reasonable cost. 

8. Enjoy the local cuisine  

Bangkok is one of the best cities in the world to enjoy the popular street food. From Pad Thai to steamed curry, fermented rice noodles with fish or chicken curry sauce, or even the famous mango sticky rice. 

9. Visit Flower Market 24/7 

Image result for Pak Klong Talad

Pak Klong Talad 

Pak Klong Talad is the largest flower market in Bangkok. It is located on Chak Phet Road and near Memorial Bridge. Pak Klong Talad operates almost all day and night so you can visit this place whenever you want. The flower markets are very busy, wholesalers bring in fresh flowers while traders and retailers are looking to buy in bulk. And if you want to buy and feel a gentle flower market, you can come in the afternoon. 

When setting foot here, you can easily notice the scent of the flowers as well as bright colors from them. Flowers in Pak Klong Talad are very diverse with many kinds of flowers such as Chrysanthemum, roses, orchids, and water lilies. There are many flower bouquets suitable for special occasions. 

Please note that this is a very crowded, bustling business, especially between midnight and dawn. 

10. Go shopping at Siam Paragon 

Siam Paragon is a famous shopping mall where many of the world’s top luxury fashion brands, with the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, 16 Cineplex theaters, offering a comprehensive selection of world cuisine. Located right in front of Siam BTS station, Siam Paragon is considered as the symbol of Bangkok. 

Siam Paragon 

Here are some suggested what to do in Thailand that you should not miss if you have the opportunity to come here. Have a wonderful trip ! 

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